Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Speed of Learning in Babies and Toddlers

I have seen many parents fret and sometimes even smack their children for not learning (read as: 'Learning late in comparison to their peers'). Thees kids could be as young as 2 to 3 years.

To these parents I ask, have you seen an adult or even an older child of lets say 10 years, who does not know their ABCs?

The kids will eventually learn. Instead of focusing on what they are not learning at the speed of their peers, why not concentrate on what they are learning with interest?

Iya, my elder daughter, (now aged 5), was a very fast learner. She knew to write her capital ABCs at age 2 and her countings till hundred by the first half of 3rd year. She used to love books as a baby, and we very rarely had torn books at home.

However, Anika (aged 1) is not as fond of books as Iya was at this age. She likes to tear up the pages. But this does not make her any less smarter than Iya.

Iya and Anika are 2 different personalities and they both will learn all that they have to learn in this lifetime in Divine Perfect Timing.

If I start fretting that Anika is not showing interest in books or painting as Iya did, then I am not allowing Anika's personality to shine through.

So what are you doing with your children? Are you allowing their personality to shine through or are you keeping your child under the shadow of someone else whose personality may seem bright to you?

Give your child the freedom to explore themselves and their interests. Give them the time to explore themselves.

As I read in a book titled 'The Soul Song', the author, Mana has written that when the children are occupied in busy-ness all the time, they are left with no time to connect to the Divine within them. They need time to be creative. They need time to explore themselves.

Can we give them that time? Can we give them that space? Can we give them that freedom of expression?

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