Friday, February 24, 2017

Ufff...that fever once again

Its that time of nightly vigil again!

My daughter is running fever once again. Surprisingly, the fever seems elusive during day time when I am fresh, and can take good care of her. It comes only at night time when I am exhausted, tired and groggy!

Giving her a dose of the conventional fever medicine at that time seems the easiest way out - to get back to my sleep.

But is it really the best thing for her?

Fever (burning of the body) is a mechanism of the body whereby it cleanses the body of certain organisms that are not conducive for the good health of the body. Unless the fever goes high (I measure high as going beyond 101 F), there is actually no need for medicines. It is the body's mechanism of self healing, and we must allow it to run its own natural course. Our bodies are intelligent. We must respect its intelligence.

Another reason for fevers are 'burning' anger towards something.

In such a case, a cooling dose of love and a sincere prayer for healing is enough for the healing to occur.

I have noticed that most of the times, my daughter  got a fever if she had got a shout from me the previous day. (Gulp Gulp - yes sometimes even I am guilty of having lost my cool).

Yet, the understanding that it was my anger that caused her fever, was a great learning.

It made me think twice before shouting at her again. And it also taught me that love and love and more love along with prayer was the best way to cure that fever.

Sometimes the fevers are a result of some karmic cleansing (like the one that comes only at night time and doesn't go too high). These kind of fevers, if shown to a doctor, won't yield any 'medical diagnosis'.

This fever again does not require any kind of medications. Some extra love, attention, hugs and prayer will be sufficient to heal it.

So when do we need medicines? If the fever continues to go high despite all the love and prayers, then we may require medicines as helpers.

Note - medicines as helpers - not as the leaders.

The leader should be the body; the medicines are just helpers.

Natural home remedies are superb helpers.

Acupressure is another great helper.

Homeopathy, which works on an overall harmony of body and mind, is also a great helper for healing fevers (or even other dis-eases, that require medical helpers).

Inspite of all this, if the fever doesn't subside, then, and only then would I go for conventional medicine (and I've never actually had to reach till here if I have tried all the above levels of healing first).

Imagine if you had a nail stuck in your toe. If you didn't take the nail out, it would become infected and start oozing pus. So, you go to a doctor and the doctor cleans up the infection that is oozing, bandages it and gives you a pain killer.

But the nail is still in.

So again the wound becomes bad and it hurts you terribly. The area of infection also increases. The amount of infection also increases. Other body discomforts set in as well.

The doctor again cleans up the ooze, and gives stronger pain killers.

But the nail is still in there.

Will your wound ever heal if this continued?

The common pharma medicines most of the time work as the pain killer in the above example. The nail is still stuck in there.

For any wound (physical or mental), the cause of the wound has to be first looked into. Once the cause is looked after, then the healing will happen naturally.

The 'pain killer' can then be given to aid in the healing process. But it cannot heal completely on its own.

Well, with this, I hope that you all are better able to fire fight the burning fevers of your children (or yourself as well).

While I have given an example of fevers here, the same funda applies to almost any dis-ease of the body - of your children as well as yourself.

The cause of almost all dis-eases are mental, and 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Lousie Hay is a wonderful book to read and understand what mental patterns cause a particular dis-ease, and how that mental pattern if changed, can heal the body.

Using this knowledge and prayers, I have healed my fevers, cold, cough, back ache, migraine, thyroid and many other dis-eases which I was carrying in my body earlier.

Disclaimer: This article does not intent to stop anyone from using conventional medicines. Neither does it aim to show the doctors of conventional medicine in any low light. Just as God created human, God guided the human to create the conventional medicines. This article is rather an advice against an abuse of the medicines, that should ideally be used only in severe conditions.

A short note on the power of prayer: Prayer is a powerful tool, that can be used to manifest what we may need in this world. However, this has again been abused. Most people pray for their material wishes to be fulfilled - for more money, better job, partner in life, passing an exam and so on. Little does one realize that in every prayer, there need to be action steps taken by You. Few years back, before I knew of the power of prayers, all my prayers went 'seemingly' unanswered. When I realized the power of prayer, all my prayers were miraculously answered. If God has the power to create human, does he not have the power to heal His child of fevers or fulfill his other desires?

Sharing a small story here as a foot note:

Once a man who was tired of his work and angry with his boss and his colleagues in office, got high fever. The next day he had an important meeting with his boss. His intuition and tired body said. 'Stay in bed'. But the mind said, 'Get up and go to office or you'll get kicked out'. So the man pops in a pill, dresses up and goes to office for another day of thankless, unappreciated work.

But God had another plan for him that day.

If the man had listened to his intuition to stay in bed, God had planned that he would be thrown out of this job and God had a much better job lined up for him the next day.

He had only needed to pray sincerely to God for guidance. God had even planned to cancel the meeting before the man called in sick.

But the man chose not listen to his body or his intuition that screamed to take rest and hence lost a great opportunity that day.

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