Friday, July 21, 2017

Growing up with Star Children

Blessed with 2 star children, I am going through a phase of intense learning and growing up.

What are star children?

Many people ask me if by star children I meant children of famous movie stars and celebs?

So, no dear parents, star children are children who are born on earth from another dimension of space and time, from other stars, from other planets or other constellations. (Yes, this does mean that there is life on places other than Earth :))

Many souls are being born on Earth at this time to help it in 'The Shift' which it is going through right now. This shift is about elevating the energies of Earth as a planet.

These souls are called star children, and also go by other names such as indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children and so on.

Star children have very sensitive energies. Just like a sponge soaks in all the water around it, so do the star children soak in all energies around them - good as well as bad.

Parenting star children means to be aware of their sensitive energies, and to make the required changes in your habits, behaviors and lifestyle so as to help the children deal with their sensitive energies better and in turn raise your own vibration levels as well as that of Earth's.

Parenting the star children also means growing up. Spiritual growing up of the parent :).

I have 2 star children - one daughter aged 6 and one daughter aged 1.

In the past 6 years, my life has changed and I've grown by leap and bounds.

I grew up spiritually.

I was like a little baby - so demanding about everything.

I wanted my food to be a particular way, I wanted my job to be a particular way, I wanted my house to be in a particular way, I wanted my life to be in a particular way. If I didn't get things my way, I would throw a tantrum of fear, anger, restlessness, feelings of unworth and so on.

But once I had my first daughter, I became a toddler, and then rapidly and steadfastly I became a young teen - spiritually.

By the time my second daughter completed her first year on earth, I turned into a fine young adult - spiritually.

These are some of the life lessons that helped me grow from a  baby to a fine adult in 6 years.

1. Practicing yoga, mindfulness, meditation are the 3 most important methods that helped  me tune within and connect better with my children.

2. Unbiased self analysis went a long way in helping me dissolve barriers between my higher self and my ego self, between me and my children, between my material life and my spiritual life. Not only did I do a lot of self analysis, I also made changes in areas where I realized it was 'me' that needed to change and not the situation or the people involved in the situation.

3. Taking notice of my intuition and taking action on it. Intuition is a way of communication between the higher self and the ego self. So when you act upon your intuition, you are actually working on the advice of the higher self. I took a lot of notice of my intuition and acted upon it, however weird the option seemed to me at that moment.

4. Taking time out for myself. This is a very important point that most parents ignore. I realized that to be able to give my daughters better quality time, I needed to take some time off from them, doing what I loved doing. Once that was realized, it was easier to decide what I wanted to do in my time-off and what my children would be doing in my time-off time.

5. Switching to a healthier lifestyle. We've all had unhealthy lifestyle phases - phases where we ate too much of junk food, smoked, drank alcohol, slept too late, got up very late and so on. But we moved ahead. We changed our behaviors. I made many lifestyle changes as guided by my daughters, so that I could be more in-tune with the true reality.

6. Balancing between conventional parenting patterns and intuitive parenting. Conventional parenting has an answer for almost every thing - but does that apply to the star children? My intuition did not agree to many of those patterns. For example, conventional disciplining, food habits, schooling, sleeping times etc were all questioned by my intuition and taking in the guidance from my higher self, I parented my children intuitively. I realized that conventional parenting techniques were not working for these sensitive star children.

I'm going to use one of my favorite analogies to explain this better:

If your body is getting insufficient rest or improper nutrition, you develop certain medical symptoms like aches and pains, blood pressure, acidity and so on. These medical symptoms are ways that your body is demanding you to take notice of it and take better care of it.

Similarly, when we are not listening to our higher self that knows all and can guide us, then we get children, who demand that we go deep within to find answers to the impossible situations they put us in.

When your body develops the first medical symptoms, you may choose to ignore it or numb it down with temporary medicines.

Similarly, when the kids first start being demanding, you may choose to quieten them down with anger and threats and do nothing to change yourself.

But when the body starts developing more severe symptoms, you are finally forced to take notice of what your body actually wants.

Similarly, when the kids become more and more demanding, and you've shouted and slapped them several times out of anger, you can choose to do something about it and start looking at the situation from another angle - that of your deeper, higher self.

What an analogy, you may think, but doesn't it make sense?

The children today want us to take notice of our Self.

These children are mirrors of our Self and what we think and feel within.

You can try this out for yourself some day.

One day when you feel particularly angry with your child for their behavior, quietly and truthfully analyse yourself. See if somewhere within yourself, you are having feelings of unworth, anger, irritation, helplessness and so on.

Chances are that you will mostly see a pattern building up.

When you feel angry within, so does your child.

When you feel insecure within, so does your child.

When you feel frustration within, your child also displays frustrating behavior.

So what are they then, but mirrors of your own emotions?

And what better way could God show you what you are feeling within, than by sending you mirrors that reflect your deepest thoughts and emotions!!

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