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10 ways to recognize your Extraordinary Star Child

Star children are here to herald a new era of living, where everyone lives in love, in peace and in joy.

Many people have heard the term 'Star children' for the first time and are completely unaware of what the term 'Star Child' means. Some have even asked me if by star child, I meant children of celebrities. So we've put together this article that will help you recognize your star child.

This article is for those parents who believe there is something extra ordinary about your child, though you may not be able to say what exactly it is.

This article is for those parents who wish to not only know who star children are, but who also wish to do something about this special blessing that they have received.

This article is for those parents who believe that Earth needs help, and that help is here.

Star children are one of the 'types of help' that has been sent, to help Earth out of the mess that it is in.

Star children are souls that have been born on Earth, but have come from other stars and constellations and other dimensions.

To understand all this in a much deeper way, we'll need to go through many years of learning and experiencing. So, we'll make it short and crisp, to facilitate a basic understanding.

First we need to understand why there are so many Star Children on Earth today.

Earth is going through a lot of changes - physically which we can see and experience, as well as energetically. Gaia (the spiritual name for Earth) is going through a process of Ascension. Ascension is the rising of Earth’s energies and vibrations. We are moving from a 3 dimensional planet to a 5 dimensional planet, which means that the vibrations on Earth have to become much purer and of a higher nature. These subtle energies are becoming more prominent to those who are open to sensing it.

This also means that in time, only those souls will remain on Earth, who raise their vibrations to match the Earth's higher vibrations.

To help Earth Beings in this process of transition, and to help them raise their vibrations, some higher souls from other dimensions and constellations, are coming on Earth. These souls are born as children that we refer to as Star Children. Star children choose to be born to parents who can nurture their special star qualities, so that as they grow, they can help the people around them elevate their energy vibrations; to match up to Earth's rising energy vibrations.

Imagine the star children on Earth today like a city that you see in the night time, from a plane a couple of minutes before landing. There are many dots of lights that you see. These dots of light are the star children. Their life purpose is to increase the brightness around so that no corner on Earth is left in darkness.

Your job as a parent of the star child is to help your child shine bright, so that he/ she can do the work he/ she has come here to do.

Star children are also known as Indigo children, Crystal children, Rainbow children and so on.

Here are some characteristics of Star Children that may help you recognize if your child is a star child or not.

A lot of these characteristics are displayed before the age of 4/5, as post that, if their special qualities are not nurtured well, they start dimming as the child is exposed to more and more social conditioning.

At the same time, if your child exhibited these qualities as a young child but not as they grow older, it doesn't necessarily mean that their qualities have not been nurtured. It could also mean that they are now displaying their qualities in different ways, ways that are conducive to the environments they live in.

Here are 10 characteristics displayed by young star children until around the age of 5.

1. The one most important characteristic of star children is that they sometimes exhibit wisdom far beyond their age. This wisdom comes from their life in higher dimensions and their awareness of it.

You might find a 2 year old telling you what posture to sit or lie in when you are feeling tired, so that you may feel better quickly. Or you may find your 18 month old rubbing their tiny hands on your head to comfort you when you feel low - and you actually feel better. You may find your 4 year old telling you not to shout because it makes the energies go low, or you may just find them wanting to wash their hands and have a bath too often (as it helps to cleanse off the low energies they've absorbed).
There have been instances of star children as young as 3 years old consoling their parents about life beyond earth (or life after death); a conversation especially triggered by the death of a close family member.

2. With star children, you may often face difficult situations especially if you've been a soul disconnected from your Inner Wise Self.

So you may find your star child push you to an extreme emotional situation, such that you are forced to look for ways to find inner peace. Star children begin their missions by helping parents and immediate family raise awareness, by directing them to question life beyond the material.

3. Star children have wise eyes and sometimes they look real deep into your eyes - and you know that they are seeing beyond the physical you.

4. Star children may seem to communicate with invisible beings, especially till the age of 3 or 4. That is before they start to familiarise themselves with the ways of this world. Some continue their communication with their spirit friends and guides even after they pass this age. Some can even see passed over loved ones and may give messages from them to you.

5. Star children have sensitive energies. They are like sponges. So if they have been with a very aggressive person, they'll come back very aggressive. Similarly, if they've been with a gentle person, they'll come back feeling gentle.

Star children are also very sensitive to your energies. So if you are feeling frustration, anger, irritation inside, they will act in the same way back to you.
The best way to work with them is by being an example of what you may wish for them to learn. In the process they teach care-givers the biggest lesson of having to 'walk the talk'.

6. Star children like to express themselves through right brained activities such as art and craft, drawing and painting, singing and dancing and so on. This is not about doing well in structured drawing or dance classes, but about the ability to express themselves freely and wordlessly with an art form. Though some may even express themselves through poetry.

So you may see that when your child is sad, they sit with a paper and are drawing something or that they will play some music and sway to it and sometimes even sway to some imaginary music.

7. Star children have great connection to nature, animals and some feel very drawn to the night sky and stars and moon. 
So you may find your star child spend hours quietly gazing at water flowing by or rain falling. Some may love to spend hours in nature, walking around, picking up stones or flowers or leaves. Some may have an almost magical way of being with animals. Some may love gazing at stars in the night and if you wake up in the middle of the night, you may catch them looking up at the stars and moon.

8. Star children have lots of energy and do not require much food to sustain their energy levels. This is because they are able to naturally get in energy from Prana - the cosmic energy that sustains all of life. However at times, they'll go on an eating binge - which could be mostly to deal with some form an emotional upheaval that they are feeling.

9. Star children are very connected to the cosmic and world energies. So you may find your child displaying sadness for no apparent reason - when there is some tragedy that has happened somewhere in the world. Or you may find sudden change in the behaviours of your child - hyper or real slowdowns during full moon and new moon days.

10. Some star children may display healing energies. You may actually put your head on the lap of an 8 month old and feel peaceful and calm. The star child may even sometimes use their tiny hands to send you healing energy that could heal away your physical pains - atleast for a bit.

Not all star children will necessarily display all these characteristics. And neither is it necessary that if a child displays any one characteristic, they are a star child.

Finally, it is about their spiritual energy and the aura that they carry.

It is a thing to sense, though the seers who can see the auras with their naked eyes can see the children and know.

We hope this article helps you recognize the great gift that you have. We would love to know how your child has pushed you to question the deeper meaning in life.

If you feel that your child is a star child, then it means that you have a great responsibility in your hands, and you may need to work on a lot of things; including yourself so as to be able to help your child shine.

If you are not sure that you have a star child, even then, it’s worth parenting them as though they are a star child. This is because all children are closer to The Light, than adults are. And if we nurture them in ways that are gentle and peaceful, we will be enhancing their life experiences.

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